About Us

HP REPUESTOS was founded by Hugo Peretti following his need to materialize a project of his own and to fulfill his dream: having his own company.

Hugo Peretti, a die maker by trade, developed his work activities in a local company as a personnel manager. In the meantime, outside of working hours, he began to develop the beginnings of his dream: at first, he manufactured molding dies for a company dedicated to manufacturing agricultural parts, and also began to manufacture a part requested by someone in the motorcycle parts industry.

After this first part, they brought him another one, and then another one, until he became much involved in the needs of the motorcycle parts industry and began to develop more and more parts (always working after hours).

In 2001, the company where he worked went bankrupt and closed its doors. At that moment, he found himself with his personal project halfway through. Therefore, now with more time, he dedicated fully to it and HP REPUESTOS was formally established.


We manufacture motorcycle spare parts and accessories which are made available to the motorcycle spare parts market through our distributors.

Based on the concepts of quality, responsibility and continuous improvement, the company attracts new customers who trust in the product and thus expands its marketing network, achieving a presence throughout the Argentine territory.